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101 Dalmations
Given the two belated live-action sequels and numerous other TV and video spinoffs spawned by Disney's charming 1961 animated original, the Dalmatian count is more like 1,001 by now. This reissued soundtrack (admirably restored in the late '90s by producer Randy Thornton) showcases the original orchestral film cues of George Bruns to good effect. While the composer's bright, lively work was largely fragmentary (originally written as punctuation for the film's turns of action and comedy), its components have been skillfully sequenced and gently edited here for a more cohesive listening experience. The film's most memorable musical moments remain Mel Levin's delightful trio of songs, "Kanine Krunchies," "Dalmatian Plantation," and, of course, the classic villainess romp "Cruella DeVil." Bonus cuts include both a bluesy piano rendition and Levin's decidedly goofy piano/vocal demo of the latter tune. A great primer to Disney's animation underscore philosophy, seasoned with one of the studio's most memorable songs.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. (Overture)
  2. Beautiful Spring Day
  3. What's All the Hurry / A Perfect Situation / Stir Things Up
  4. Cruella de Vil
  5. Don't Worry, Perdy / The Puppies Are Here / Lucky/How Marvelous / Not One / A B
  6. Ol' Thunder Always Wins
  7. Kanine Krunchies
  8. Bedtime/An Evening Constitutuinal/A Job to Do/They're Gone!
  9. Dognapped!/Anita Darling/What'll We Do?
  10. All Dog Alert
  11. Sergeant Tibs' Recon/Cat Casserole
  12. Can You Leave Tonight?/Arduous Trek/Any News, Colonel?/I Want the Job D
  13. Pulling a Snitch/Big Hullabaloo/Battling the Baduns
  14. My Darlings/99/Better Be Off/Fire One/All Clear
  15. Through the Snow/Shelter
  16. I'm Hungry/Get Some Rest/Back on the Road/Spotted!
  17. Dinsford/Cruella/A Roll in the Soot/To the Van/It Can't Be/Crazed/You F
  18. Puppies Everywhere
  19. Dalmatian Plantation/Finale
  20. Cruella de Vil [Nonsense Version] [Demo Version]

The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective

Song List:
  1. Main Title
  2. Dawson Finds Olivia
  3. Enter Basil
  4. Enter Ratigan
  5. Crushed Box
  6. World's Greatest Criminal Mind - Vincent Price
  7. Unusual Foot Prints
  8. Here's Toby!
  9. Check Mate
  10. Reunion
  11. Let Me Be Good to You - Melissa Manchester
  12. Ratigan's Plan
  13. Goodbye So Soon - Vincent Price
  14. Cat Nip
  15. Big Ben Chase
  16. Wrap-Up
  17. End Titles / Goodbye So Soon (Chorus)

Aladdin -- Special Edition CD

Sandwiched amidst the remarkable string of renascent Disney animation successes that spanned The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, the studio's 1992 adaptation of the venerable Arabian tale won a pair of Oscars for Alan Menken's vibrant instrumental score and his memorable collaboration with lyricist Tim Rice, the infectious song "A Whole New World." This new edition does more than showcase those enduring musical charms, fleshing out the original 21 tracks of songs, underscore and antics of Robin Williams' manic genie with rare demo recordings of a pair of songs that were deleted from the film before its original theatrical release. The wistful yearning of "Proud of Your Boy" and the rambunctious "High Adventure" (both performed by Menken, the latter in a duet with lyricist Howard Ashman) also pay bittersweet homage to original project lyricist Ashman, Menken's Academy Award-winning partner on Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Arabian Nights - Bruce Adler
  2. Legend of the Lamp - Robin Williams
  3. One Jump Ahead - Brad Kane
  4. Street Urchins
  5. One Jump Ahead (Reprise) - Brad Kane
  6. Friend Like Me - Robin Williams
  7. To Be Free
  8. Prince Ali - Robin Williams
  9. Whole New World - Brad Kane
  10. Jafar's Hour
  11. Prince Ali (Reprise) - Jonathan Freeman
  12. Ends of the Earth
  13. Kiss
  14. On a Dark Night
  15. Jasmine Runs Away
  16. Marketplace
  17. Cave of Wonders
  18. Aladdin's Word
  19. Battle
  20. Happy End in Agrabah
  21. Whole New World [Alladdin's Theme] [(Aladdin's Theme)]
  22. Proud of Your Boy [Demo Version]
  23. High Adventure [Demo Version] - Howard Ashman


Song List:
  1. Arabian Nights - Bruce Adler
  2. Legend of the Lamp - Robin Williams
  3. One Jump Ahead - Brad Kane
  4. Street Urchins
  5. One Jump Ahead (Reprise) - Brad Kane
  6. Friend Like Me - Robin Williams
  7. To Be Free
  8. Prince Ali - Robin Williams
  9. Whole New World - Brad Kane
  10. Jafar's Hour
  11. Prince Ali (Reprise) - Jonathan Freeman
  12. Ends of the Earth
  13. Kiss
  14. On a Dark Night
  15. Jasmine Runs Away
  16. Marketplace
  17. Cave of Wonders
  18. Aladdin's Word
  19. Battle
  20. Happy End in Agrabah
  21. Whole New World [Alladdin's Theme] [(Aladdin's Theme)]

Alice in Wonderland

Original CD Release Also Available
Walt Disney had originally toyed with the idea of bringing Lewis Carroll's phantasmagorical classic to the screen in the '30s as one of his first live-action feature films. Paramount beat him to the punch with their 1933 all-star version, but, through patience or sheer stubbornness, Disney finally prevailed, turning the story into one of his studio's string of postwar animated classics. Though somewhat odd by most film musical standards (the songs are sometimes fragmentary and tend to punctuate the story rather than stop it to showcase themselves), the score utilizes Oliver Wallace's playful underscore and no less than eight songwriters (including Mack David, Sammy Fain, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston) to bring Carroll's magical world to life, often using his own verse in the bargain. Marking the first time all of Alice's original music has been available outside the film, this edition presents it in a seamlessly edited manner that both evokes the story's atmospherics and showcases its Carroll-inspired songcraft.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Main Title (Alice in Wonderland)
  2. Pay Attention / In a World of My Own
  3. I'm Late
  4. Curiosity Leads to Trouble / Simply Impassable
  5. The Sailor's Hornpipe / The Caucus Race
  6. We're Not Waxworks
  7. How D'Ye Do and Shake Hands / Curious?
  8. The Walrus and the Carpenter
  9. Old Father William
  10. Mary Ann! / A Lizard with a Ladder / We'll Smoke the Blighter Out
  11. The Garden / All in the Golden Afternoon
  12. What Genus Are You?
  13. A-E-I-O-U (The Caterpillar Song) / Who R U / How Doth the Little Crocodile / Keep Your Temper
  14. A Serpent!
  15. Alone Again / 'Twas Brillig / Lose Something
  16. The Mad Tea Party / The Unbirthday Song/Twinkle Twinkle / Clean Cup Move Down / Mad Watch
  17. The Tulgey Wood
  18. Very Good Advice
  19. Whom Did You Expect
  20. Painting the Roses Red / March of the Cards
  21. The Queen of Hearts/Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?
  22. A Little Girl / Let the Game Begin / I Warn You Child
  23. The Trial / The Unbirthday Song 9Reprise) / Rule 42 / off with Her Head / The Caucus Race (Reprise) / Please Wake Up Alice / Time for Tea / Finale (Alice in Wonderland)


Song List:
  1. The Aristocats - Maurice Chevalier
  2. Scales And Arpeggios - Liz English, Gary Dubin, Dean Clark
  3. Thomas O'Malley Cat - Phil Harris
  4. Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat - Phil Harris, Scatman Crothers, Thurl Ravenscroft..
  5. She Never Felt Alone - Robie Lester
  6. Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat - Brian Setzer

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Though hampered by a sometimes predictable story line, Disney's animated telling of Plato's undersea legend deserves kudos for tackling the heady expectation surrounding modern action films and the artistic expressionism of Japanese anime, all the while maintaining a precarious sense of studio tradition and dedication to animation quality. Opening with the obligatory pop song ("Where the Dream Takes You," a serviceable slice of modern R&B boilerplate cowritten with master songwriter/boilermaker Diane Warren), James Newton Howard's rousing orchestral score at once recalls the traditions of previous Disney adventures such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But Howard updates that tradition with alternating doses of tense, Williams-esque dynamics (particularly in the rousing "Leviathan"), and the sense of frequently playful wonder familiar from Dinosaur, his previous effort for the studio's animators. His evocative musical portraits of Atlantis often conjure the ghost of Bernard Herrmann at his most romantic and adventuresome, adding a sense of emotional gravity and a sophisticated air of exotic mystery unusual in most animated fare.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Where The Dream Takes You - Mya
  2. The Submarine
  3. Milo's Turned Down
  4. Atlantis Is Waiting
  5. The Leviathan
  6. Bedding Down
  7. The Journey
  8. Fireflies
  9. Milo Meets Kida
  10. The City Of Atlantis
  11. Milo And Kida's Questions
  12. Touring The City
  13. The Secret Swim
  14. The Crystal Chamber
  15. The King Dies / Going After Rourke
  16. Just Do It
  17. Kida Returns
  18. Atlantis

Disney's patented combination of sweetness and terror is epitomized by Bambi, in which a skunk bashfully requests to be called Flower while the main character grieves his slain mother. The soundtrack to this 1942 Disney feature is never quite so extreme--even though Frank Churchill and Larry Morey's "Little April Shower" is pretty darned cute (as is the song it started out as, "Rain Drops," a demo of which is included as a bonus track). Sadly, Churchill didn't live to see the finished film (for which his music received two Oscar nominations), but this soundtrack demonstrates the importance of his artistic contribution to a beloved classic.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Main Title (Love is a Song)
  2. Sleepy Morning in the Woods/Everybody Awake / The Young Prince / Learning to Walk
  3. Exploring / Through the Woods/Say Bird / Flower
  4. Little April Shower
  5. The Meadow / Bambi Sees Faline / Bambi Gets Annoyed
  6. Gallop of the Stags / The Great Prince of the Forest/Man
  7. Autumn/The First Snow / Fun on the Ice
  8. The End of Winter/New Spring Grass / Tragedy in the Meadow
  9. Wintery Winds
  10. Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song
  11. It Could Even Happen to Flower
  12. Bambi Gets Twitterpated / Stag Fight
  13. Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song)
  14. Man Returns
  15. Fire/Reunion / Finale
  16. Rain Drops (demo recording)

Bambi II
Song List:
  1. There Is Life
  2. First Sign Of Spring
  3. Through Your Eyes
  4. The Healing Of The Heart
  5. Snow Flakes In The Forest
  6. Bambi's Dream
  7. Being Brave (Part 1)
  8. Being Brave (Part 2)
  9. Bambi And The Great Prince/End Credit Suite
  10. Sing The Day
  11. Main Title (Love Is A Song)
  12. Little April Shower
  13. Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song

Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition Soundtrack
After the success of their score for The Little Mermaid, the songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken returned to Disney for their second fairy-tale adaptation. Sadly, it was the duo's last completed score before Ashman's untimely death at age 41. This soundtrack contains more-conventional show music than The Little Mermaid, owing in large part to Broadway stalwart Angela Lansbury and to Jerry Orbach's Yves Montand impersonation. Most of the songs here were included in the subsequent Broadway adaptation and its cast album, but this disc is superior in its studio polish and cast, which is better suited to the score.

Song List:
  1. Prologue
  2. Belle - Paige O'Hara,
  3. Belle (Reprise)
  4. Gaston - Jesse Corti
  5. Gaston (Reprise) - Jesse Corti
  6. Be Our Guest - Angela Lansbury
  7. Something There - Robby Benson
  8. Human Again - Angela Lansbury
  9. Mob Song - Rev. Richard White
  10. Beauty and the Beast - Angela Lansbury
  11. To the Fair
  12. West Wing
  13. Beast Lets Belle Go
  14. Battle on the Tower
  15. Transformation
  16. Be Our Guest [Demo Version] - Howard Ashman
  17. Beauty and the Beast [Work Tape and Demo] - Howard Ashman
  18. Beauty and the Beast - Peabo Bryson
  19. Death of the Beast [Original Early Version]

Beauty and the Beast - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
After the success of their score for The Little Mermaid, the songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken returned to Disney for their second fairy-tale adaptation. Sadly, it was the duo's last completed score before Ashman's untimely death at age 41. This soundtrack contains more-conventional show music than The Little Mermaid, owing in large part to Broadway stalwart Angela Lansbury and to Jerry Orbach's Yves Montand impersonation. Most of the songs here were included in the subsequent Broadway adaptation and its cast album, but this disc is superior in its studio polish and cast, which is better suited to the score.

Song List:
  1. Prologue
  2. Belle
  3. Belle (Reprise)
  4. Gaston
  5. Gaston (Reprise)
  6. Be Our Guest
  7. Something There
  8. Mob Song
  9. Beauty and the Beast
  10. To the Fair
  11. West Wing
  12. Beast Lets Belle Go
  13. Battle on the Tower
  14. Transformation
  15. Beauty and the Beast (Duet)

Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas - New And Traditional Christmas Favorites
Song List:
  1. Deck the Halls
  2. Stories
  3. As Long as There's Christmas
  4. Don't Fall in Love
  5. As Long as There's Christmas (Reprise)
  6. Cut Above the Rest
  7. As Long as There's Christmas (End Title)
  8. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Paige O'Hara
  9. Do You Hear What I Hear? - Paige O'Hara
  10. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel/Joy to the World - Paige O'Hara
  11. O Christmas Tree - Paige O'Hara
  12. First Noel - Paige O'Hara
  13. What Child Is This? - Paige O'Hara
  14. Twelve Days of Christmas - Paige O'Hara
  15. Silent Night - Paige O'Hara
  16. Belle's Magical Gift [Instrumental]
  17. Fife's Yuletide Theme [Instrumental]
  18. Enchanted Christmas Finale [Instrumental]

Bedknobs & Broomsticks
While Disney artists and technicians didn't necessarily pioneer the merging of live action and animation, their elegant efforts on films like Mary Poppins, Pete's Dragon, and this 1971 fantasy considerably expanded the medium's possibilities. The Poppins parallels here (an English middle-class setting, children beguiled by an enchanted nanny, star David Tomlinson) are hard to ignore; indeed, the film's source story was originally purchased by Disney as an insurance policy in case Poppins fell through. Thus it isn't surprising to find the Sherman brothers songwriting team also penning Bedknobs' songs and score. It's a typically strong effort by the pair, with Angela Lansbury's talents shining on "Age of Not Believing" and "A Step in the Right Direction" and Tomlinson nearly stealing the show with "Eglantine." But given the film's rambling narrative and overly familiar story elements, the Shermans seem hard pressed to repeat the heights or remarkable consistency of their Academy Award-winning work on Poppins. Still, playing also-ran to that Disney masterpiece is hardly the same as losing. This restored edition also includes original Sherman demos for the cut songs "Nobody's Problems," "Solid Citizen," and "The Fundamental Elements," tunes that ironically turned out to be among the film's best.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Old Home Guard (Overture)
  2. Age of Not Believing - Angela Lansbury
  3. With a Flair
  4. Step in the Right Direction - Angela Lansbury
  5. Eglantine/Don't Let Me Down: (Reprise) Eglantine - Angela Lansbury
  6. Portebello Road - Vendors
  7. Portebello Street Dance
  8. Beautiful Briny - Angela Lansbury
  9. Substitutiary Locomotion - Angela Lansbury
  10. (Reprises): Eglantine/Portebello Road - Angela Lansbury
  11. Finale - Irwin Kostal
  12. Nobody's Problems [*][Demo Version]
  13. Solid Citizen [*][Demo Version]
  14. Fundamental Element [*][Demo Version]

Brother Bear
Prepare for the epic musical adventure with Walt Disney Records release of the soundtrack to Disney's highly anticipated animated feature film, "Brother Bear." Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Collins sets the tone for the film's theme with six captivating new songs that capture the music, comedy and adventure of this magical journey. The enchanting musical score is composed by Grammy Award-winner Mark Mancina and Phil Collins. The album also includes performances by Grammy winners Tina Turner and The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Set against the majestic natural splendor of the Great American Northwest, the film tells the story of a boy named Kenai, whose life takes an unexpected turn when the Great Spirits transform him into a bear, the creature he hates most. Befriended by a bear cub named Koda, Kenai sets out to regain his human form while his brother (who doesn't realize Kenai is now a bear) pursues him on a mission of revenge and family honor. With breathtaking animation, powerful emotion and humor, this film introduces a memorable cast of characters and paints an unforgettable tale of courage, honor and self-discovery.

Product Description from Manufacturer

Song List:
  1. Look Through My Eyes (Performed by Phil Collins )
  2. Great Spirits (Performed By Tina Turner)
  3. Welcome (Performed by Phil Collins )
  4. No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear) (Performed by Phil Collins )
  5. Transformation (Performed by The Bulgarian Women's Choir)
  6. On My Way (Performed by Phil Collins)
  7. Welcome (Performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama and Phil Collins with Oren Waters )
  8. No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear) (Performed by Phil Collins)
  9. Transformation (Performed by Phil Collins)
  10. Three Brothers (Instrumental)
  11. Awakes as a Bear (Instrumental)
  12. Wilderness of Danger and Beauty (Instrumental)

A Bug's Life
One of the truly great ironies of modern American pop culture is the evolution of Randy Newman, social critic and songwriter superb, into one of the 1990s' preeminent scorers of animated films. As in Toy Story, Newman's music for A Bug's Life forms much of the crucial human dimension of the computer-generated visuals, replete with an upbeat, if ever-so-slyly fatalistic "theme" song, "The Time of Your Life." Newman's mastery of the orchestra sparkles here as he playfully romps from '40s-tinged big-band swing through Stalling-esque parodies and tomfoolery to mock-heroics worthy of Korngold and Waxman (or Randy's uncles--Alfred, Lionel, and Emil--for that matter). The brain trust at Pixar may have made impressive strides in forging their digital illusions of life, but they still seem eons away from replicating the musical synapses of Randy Newman's brain. If Walt's impending, much-rumored big thaw actually works out, will Newman be next in line for the Disney deep freeze?

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Time of Your Life - Randy Newman
  2. The Flik Machine
  3. Seed to Tree
  4. Red Alert
  5. Hopper and His Gang
  6. Flik Leaves
  7. Circus Bugs
  8. City
  9. Robin Hood
  10. Return to Colony
  11. Flik's Return
  12. Loser
  13. Dot's Rescue
  14. Atta
  15. Don't Come Back
  16. Grasshoppers' Return
  17. Bird Flies
  18. Ants Fight Back
  19. Victory
  20. Bug's Life Suite

Cars is a typical Disney-Pixar animated movie in that it deals with an anthropomorphic character (here, a car) and the heartwarming values of family and friendship. (Alas, we'll have to wait a little while longer for the company to take on greed and selfishness.) The accompanying soundtrack is equally typical in that it's split between catchy pop songs and a score by Randy Newman. The clear highlight of the pop tracks is Sheryl Crow's boisterous, huge-sounding "Real Gone" (her best song in ages). Rascal Flatts also cover Tom Cochrane's 1991 hit "Life Is a Highway," while John Mayer rocks out on "Route 66" (Chuck Berry's elegantly lean version is included as well). For his part, Newman continues his distinguished association with quality animation by supplying a nimble score. It's fun to hear him deploy riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a Quiet Riot album on the bombastic "Opening Race," while the bluesy "Bessie" does George Thorogood with a tuba. The CD's overall Southern flavor is emphasized by the frequent use of banjo and slide guitar, as well as by score tracks cantering about, like "McQueen and Sally." And, as usual, Newman delivers a nostalgic, misty-eyed song--in this case "Our Town," performed by that master of sensitive laid-back charm, James Taylor.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
  2. Route 66 - Chuck Berry
  3. Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts
  4. Behind The Clouds - Brad Paisley
  5. Our Town - James Taylor
  6. Sh-Boom - The Chords
  7. Route 66 - John Mayer
  8. Find Yourself - Brad Paisley
  9. Opening Race
  10. McQueen's Lost
  11. My Heart Would Know - Hank Williams
  12. Bessie
  13. Dirt Is Different
  14. New Road
  15. Tractor Tipping
  16. McQueen And Sally
  17. Goodbye
  18. Pre-Race Pageantry
  19. The Piston Cup
  20. The Big Race

Chicken Little
This soundtrack offers a pretty standard mix of new songs, old chestnuts, and excerpts from the score (here by John Debney). On the new tip, Joss Stone and Patti LaBelle engage in an overheated battle of the divas on CD opener "Stir It Up," a bouncy piece of fluff that sounds more like Aretha Franklin circa "Freeway of Love" than classic soul. Other originals include Barenaked Ladies' "One Little Slip" (this movie's answer to Counting Crows' "Accidentally in Love" from Shrek 2) and the Cheetah Girls' peppy-but-bland cover of "Shake Your Tail Feather." But the real highlights are the songs performed by the movie's vocal cast, which includes Joan Cusack, Garry Marshall, Zach Braff, Steve Zahn, and Amy Sedaris. Their group cover of Elton John and Kiki Dee's "Don¹t Go Breaking My Heart," for instance, sounds as if half of them were drunk in the recording studio (and this is meant as a compliment.) Braff's a cappella version of "We Are the Champions" is smashing and Cusack and Zahn's take on the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" is completely demented. The kids will laugh; their parents will laugh even harder for completely different reasons.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Stir It Up
  2. One Little Slip
  3. Shake a Tail Feather
  4. All I Know
  5. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  6. It's the End of the World Is We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
  7. We Are the Champions {As Used in the Film Chicken Little}
  8. Wannabe {As Used in the Film Chicken Little}
  9. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  10. Sky Is Falling
  11. Big Game
  12. Dad Apologizes
  13. Chase to Cornfield
  14. Dodgeball
  15. Driving with Dad

Cinderella (Special Edition)

Song List:
  1. Main Title / Cinderella
  2. Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A
  3. Visitor, A / Caught In A Trap / Lucifer / Feed The Chickens / Breakfast Is Served / Time On Our Hand
  4. King's Plan, The
  5. Music Lesson, The / Oh, Song Sweet Nightingale / Bad Boy Lucifer / Message From His Majesty, A
  6. Little Dressmakers / Work Song, The / Scavenger Hunt / Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A / Dress,
  7. Where Did You Put That Thing / Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  8. Reception At The Palace / So This Is Love
  9. Stroke Of Midnight, The / Thank You Fairy Godmother
  10. Locked In The Tower / Gus And Jaq To The Rescue / Slipper Fittings / Cinderella's Slipper / Finale
  11. I'm In The Middle Of A Muddle - (demo recording)
  12. Dancing On A Cloud - (unreleased demo recording)
  13. Beautiful - Jim Brickman/Wayne Brady
  14. Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A - Kimberley Locke

Contrary to its modern reputation as an overarching, megasuccessful entertainment monolith, the original Disney legend was built on a sometimes shaky foundation seemingly forged out of equal portions of nerve, talent, and luck. From Snow White and Fantasia to theme parks and his long television legacy, Walt Disney's greatest achievements were often high-risk ventures that frequently flew in the face of both critics and conventional wisdom. With Hollywood's postwar fortunes slipping, television on the rise, and his studio deep in debt, Disney largely bet his future on Cinderella. The resultant animated classic is a timeless romantic fairytale featuring a lively slate of songs by Mack David, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston (crucially framed by the effective, dramatic orchestral score of Oliver Wallace and Paul J. Smith), highlighted by the classic "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and the ever-delightful "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo." Praise is due the producers of this CD, who, by carefully sequencing and editing the film's songs and score to replicate its original impact, have created a virtually seamless listening experience. Collectors should note an added bonus on this edition: a spry demo recording of "I'm in the Middle of a Muddle," a jaunty tune for a never-produced musical number from the film.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Main Title/Cinderella
  2. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  3. A Visitor / Caught in a Trap / Lucifer / Feed the Chickens / Breakfast Is Served / Time on Our Hands
  4. The King's Plan
  5. The Music Lesson / Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale / Bad Boy Lucifer / A Message from His Majesty
  6. Little Dressmakers / The Work Song / Scavenger Hunt / A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes / The Dress / My Beads / Escape to the Garden
  7. Where Did I Put That Thing / Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  8. Reception at the Palace / So This Is Love
  9. The Stroke of Midnight / Thank You Fairy Godmother
  10. Locked in the Tower / Gus and Jaq to the Rescue / Slipper Fittings / Cinderella's Slipper / Finale
  11. I'm in the Middle of a Muddle (Demo Recording)


Original CD Release Also Available
Song List:
  1. Main Title
  2. Look Out for Mister Stork
  3. Loading the Train / Casey Junior / Stork on a Cloud / Straight from Heaven/Mo
  4. Song of the Roustabouts
  5. Circus Parade
  6. Bathtime / Hide and Seek
  7. Ain't That the Funniest Thing / Beserk / Dumbo Shunned / A Mouse! /Dumbo and
  8. Pyramid of Pachyderms
  9. No Longer an Elephant/ Dumbo's Sadness / A Visit in the Night / Baby Mine
  10. Clown Song
  11. Hiccups / Firewater / Bubbles / Did You See That? / Pink Elephants on Parade
  12. Up a Tree/The Fall / Timothy's Theory - Betty Noyes
  13. When I See an Elephant Fly - Hall Johnson Choir
  14. You Oughta Be Ashamed
  15. Flight Test/When I See an Elephant Fly (Reprise)
  16. Save My Child / The Threshold of Success / Dumbo's Triumph / Making History / F
  17. Flight Test/When I See an Elephant Fly (Reprise)
  18. Spread Your Wings [Instrumental Demo Recording]

The Emperor's New Groove
Disney's score-heavy soundtrack to the animated "Emperor's New Groove" blends a scoop of splashy and sentimental contemporary tunes with a shovelful of evocative, masterfully crafted compositions. Big-name artists such as Shawn Colvin, Eartha Kitt, and Tom Jones each signed on to sing one of five Sting-penned songs, and Sting himself lends vocals to two tracks (one a duet with Colvin), so the stars are flying high. But fans of these folks may feel they're forever flipping through the wordless orchestral numbers in search of the record's radio-friendly fare. But buyers with more eclectic listening habits are in for a fully engaging if sometimes jumpy sonic ride: Composer John Debney sends pulses racing then mellows them out on tracks teeming with tension ("Beware the Groove"), trepidation ("The Jungle Rescue"), or tenderness ("A New Hope"), and Sting as songwriter doses up splashes of spice by way of the salsified "Perfect World," for which Jones's considerable vocal energies couldn't be better suited, and the prickly "Snuff Out the Lights," which is put across with practiced insouciance by a pucker-faced, still-out-of-this-world-after-all-these-years Kitt, who also plays the movie's devious diva Yzma. "My Funny Friend and Me," Emperor's end-title song and the record's first single, presents a more familiar Sting, and not only because he's its singer. Soundwise, it hardly strays from the artist's huge-selling adult-skewed ballads--his bread and butter in recent years--and as such, it, along with the tender duet "One Day She'll Love Me," grips the potential to send this record racing up the charts.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Perfect World - David Hartley
  2. My Funny Friend And Me - David Hartley
  3. Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song) - David Hartley
  4. Walk the Llama Llama - Jay Demarcus
  5. Perfect World (Reprise) - David Hartley
  6. Run Llama Run [Score] [Score] - John Debney
  7. One Day She'll Love Me - Shawn Colvin
  8. New Hope [Score] [Score] - John Debney
  9. Beware the Groove [Score] [Score] - John Debney
  10. Jungle Resue [Score] [Score] - John Debney
  11. Pacha's Homecoming/The Blue Plate Special [Score] [Score] - John Debney
  12. Great Battle/Friends Forever [Score] [Score] - John Debney

It's hard to believe now that Walt Disney's bold 1940 impressionistic experiment in wedding then-state-of-the-art animation with classical music was a rather resounding failure upon its release. The cliché proves the rule: Fantasia was decades ahead of its time (Disney even launched a "psychedelic"-themed rerelease campaign in the late '60s). It's even harder to fathom that then-Disney management spent over a million dollars in the early '80s replacing the muscular Leopold Stokowski score with a digitally recorded clone, then another undisclosed fortune to digitize Leo and put him back alongside Mickey at the conductor's podium in the '90s! This much-traveled Stokowski score will gain no points for subtlety (a symphonic Shaq attack is more like it), but it was Walt's first--and only!--choice and has never sounded better.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:

Disc: 1
  1. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor - (by Johann Sebastian Bach)
  2. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  3. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Chinese Dance - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  4. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Dance of the Reed Flutes - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  5. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Arabian Dance - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  6. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Russian Dance - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  7. Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: Waltz of the Flowers - (by Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky)
  8. Sorcerer's Apprentice - (by Paul Dukas)
  9. Rite of Spring - (by Igor Stravinsky)

Disc: 2
  1. Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) Op. 68: I Allegro Ma Non Troppo - (by Ludwig van Beethoven)
  2. Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) Op. 68: II Andante Molto Mosso - (by Ludwig van Beethoven)
  3. Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) Op. 68: III Allegro/IV Allegro/V Allegretto - (by Ludwig van Beethoven)
  4. Dance of the Hours - (by Amilcare Ponchielli)
  5. Night on Bald Mountain - (by Modest Mussorgsky)
  6. Ave Maria, Op. 52 No. 6 - (by Franz Schubert)

Fantasia 2000
Without the gorgeous visuals, the soundtrack to Fantasia/2000 is nothing more than a collection of some of classical music's greatest moments. But what moments they are! Conductor James Levine and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra provide new (though hardly groundbreaking) arrangements for these classical music warhorses. Piano virtuoso Yefim Bronfman joins in to record the Allegro section of Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No. 2 (if you like this track, check out Bronfman playing the entire piece on his 1999 disc with the Los Angeles Philharmonic), and soprano Kathleen Battle lends a high note to the climax of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance. We also get the classic Sorcerer's Apprentice from the original (and now out-of-print) Fantasia soundtrack. Performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, the Paul Dukas composition still steals the show. The original movie may have been a flop, but with any luck Fantasia/2000 will turn some young minds on to classical music, especially with such inspired choices as Respighi's Pines of Rome. Like what you hear? Remember, these are just excerpts and you really owe it to yourself to hear the works in their entirety--slow movements and all. That said, whether you're a Disney fan, an IMAX aficionado, or just a classical-lover-to-be, you can't go wrong with this disc.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Symphony No. 5 in C minor ("Fate") Op. 67 1st Movement -- by Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Pini di Roma (The Pines of Rome), symphonic poem, P. 141 -- by Ottorino Respighi
  3. Rhapsody in Blue -- by George Gershwin - orchestral version by F. Grofé
  4. Piano Concerto No. 2, in F major, Op. 102 Allegro -- by Dmitry Shostakovich
  5. The Swan (from "Carnival of the Animals") -- by Camille Saint-Saens
  6. The Sorcerer's Apprentice -- by Paul Dukas
  7. Pomp and Circumstance -- by Edward Elgar
  8. L'oiseau de feu (The Firebird) -- by Igor Stravinsky

Finding Nemo
Will it become another rich Newman family tradition? Picking up the baton his cousin Randy carried so skillfully on Disney/Pixar's four previous pioneering computer animation features, composer Thomas Newman was undaunted, bringing his own highly original scoring sensibility to the studio's latest digital daydream--an effort that's also the younger Newman's own debut score for an animated feature. Tom's consistently unique approach to matters of rhythm and percussion are as forceful and inventive as ever in this undersea adventure, while his passages for orchestra resonate with the same quintessentially American pastoral melancholy his songwriting cousin has long employed in his work. The result is dynamic, diverse, and uniquely personal as any modern animated feature. Especially rewarding are the jazz/exotica/kitsch flourishes Newman playfully throws into the mix, diffusing his ever nervous rhythms with unexpected, quirky colorations. It's a must for any fan of Newman's evocative canon. Contemporary crooner Robbie Williams rounds out proceedings with a faithful, jazzy take on Bobby Darin's classic "Beyond the Sea."

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Wow
  2. Barracuda
  3. Nemo Egg (Main Title)
  4. First Day
  5. Field Trip
  6. Mr. Ray, Scientist
  7. The Divers
  8. Lost
  9. Short-Term Dory
  10. Why Trust A Shark?
  11. Friends Not Food
  12. Fish-O-Rama
  13. Gill
  14. Mt. Wannahockaloogie
  15. Foolproof
  16. Squishy
  17. Jellyfish Forest
  18. Stay Awake
  19. School Of Fish
  20. Filter Attempt
  21. The Turtle Lope
  22. Curl Away My Son
  23. News Travels
  24. The Little Clownfish From The Reef
  25. Darla Filth Offramp
  26. Lost In Fog
  27. Scum Angel
  28. Haiku
  29. Time To Let Go
  30. Sydney Harbour
  31. Pelicans
  32. Drill
  33. Fish In My Hair!
  34. All Drains Lead To The Ocean
  35. ...P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney...
  36. Fishing Grounds
  37. Swim Down
  38. Finding Nemo
  39. Fronds Like These
  40. Beyond The Sea – Robbie Williams


Song List:
  1. Long Ago...
  2. Gospel Truth I/Main Title - Cheryl Freeman
  3. Gospel Truth II
  4. Gospel Truth III - Cheryl Freeman
  5. Go the Distance - Roger Bart
  6. Oh Mighty Zeus
  7. Go the Distance (Reprise) - Roger Bart
  8. One Last Hope - Danny DeVito
  9. Zero to Hero - Tawatha Agee
  10. I Won't Say (I'm in Love) - Susan Egan
  11. Star Is Born - Cheryl Freeman
  12. Go the Distance [Single] - Michael Bolton
  13. Big Olive
  14. Phrophecy
  15. Destruction of the Agora
  16. Phil's Island
  17. Rodeo
  18. Speak of the Devil
  19. Hydra Battle
  20. Meg's Garden
  21. Hercules' Villa
  22. All Time Chump
  23. Cutting the Thread
  24. True Hero/A Star Is Born

High School Musical
Disney has struck platinum with High School Musical, a made-for-cable movie that was mega-popular on the Disney Channel before spawning a mega-popular soundtrack. Echoing Grease, the plot involves two students (Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hutchinson) who fall for each other while on vacation, only to realize they go to the same high school—though they belong to different cliques. Fortunately they both love singing! The songs are typical Disney pop: on the bland side but also very well-crafted, they stick to your head like strawberry-flavored gum. Among the standouts are "Get'cha Head in the Game," which incorporates noises from a basketball game (squeaking sneakers, bouncing balls, whistles) to great effect; the fab tribute to 1970s piano-pop "What I've Been Looking For"; and the old-school show-tuney "Stick to the Status Quo." The music falters when it tries to go "caliente suave" (a la Gloria Estefan's substandard "Bop to the Top") but overall this CD could get kids to bounce and sing along nicely. Bonus tracks include a reprise of "Get'cha Head in the Game" by R&B group B5 and, fittingly, karaoke versions of the hits "Start of Something New" and "Breaking Free."

NOTE: This two-disc edition of the soundtrack includes the original album on the first disc plus karaoke versions of "Start of Something New," "Get'cha Head in the Game," "What I've Been Looking For," "When There Was Me and You," "Bop to the Top," "Breaking Free," "We're All in This Together," and "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" on the second CD+G disc. Also included are a music video for B5's version of "Get'cha Head in the Game" and a foldout locker poster.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Start Of Something New
  2. Get'cha Head In The Game
  3. What I've Been Looking For
  4. What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)
  5. Stick To The Status Quo
  6. When There Was Me And You
  7. Bop To The Top
  8. Breaking Free
  9. We're All In This Together
  10. I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  11. Get'cha Head In The Game
  12. Start Of Something New - (instrumental)
  13. Get'cha Head In The Game - (instrumental)

High School Musical 2
Fans of High School Musical can breathe easy: Based on this soundtrack, the sequel is just as good, and perhaps even better. Though its trailer asked "Are you ready for the start of something new?" HSM2 isn't turning the franchise into The Wire, and really is more of the same--which is, of course, totally fine by us. One of the most energetic tracks is Chad and Ryan's musical/baseball number "I Don't Dance," propelled by a cool big-band swing motif (fans of director Kenny Ortega's choreographic work for Xanadu will be reminded of that movie's mash-up of disco and swing in the "Dancin'" number). Once again Troy and Gabriella get the ballads, but "You Are the Music in Me" is a fine one and doesn't get bogged down in syrup. It also gets reprised by Troy and Sharpay in a rockier and arguably better version. This is typical of the fact that, overall, the bouncier tracks fare best: "All for One" (with its handclaps and surfy guitar licks), the single "What Time Is It" (the time of our lives, of course!), "Work This Out" (complete with percussive, well, workout). Of course everybody's favorite brother-sister team, Ryan and Sharpay, gets a couple of great vehicles: "Fabulous" and the zany, Hawaiian-flavored "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a," which more than anything else sounds like a tribute to the Disney princess of the 1960s: Annette Funicello.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. What Time Is It
  2. Fabulous
  3. Work This Out
  4. You Are the Music in Me
  5. I Don't Dance
  6. You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version)
  7. Gotta Go My Own Way
  8. Bet On It
  9. Everyday
  10. All For One

Home on the Range
Composer/producer Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.) has already lassoed eight Oscars in his run as a Disney hit-deliverer, and here he rustles up several good reasons for the Academy to offer him one more. Of the eight non-score songs on offer, three are knock-your-spurs-off dazzlers: k.d. lang pours her perfect pitch all over "Little Patch of Heaven," Bonnie Raitt breaks hearts with the fragile piano ballad "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again," and Tim McGraw tips a twangy hat to friendship on "Wherever the Trail May Lead." The Beu Sisters' version of "Anytime You Need a Friend," also performed as a final track by Menken, satisfies musical sweet teeth--it's the sort of song that's practically mandatory on a Disney record these days--but its slightness doesn't detract from the at times rootin'-tootin', at times pure-prairie-pretty mood. Listeners of all ages, saddle up.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. (You Ain't) Home on the Range
  2. Little Patch of Heaven - k.d. lang
  3. Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo - Randy Quaid
  4. Will the Sun Ever Shine Again - Bonnie Raitt
  5. (You Ain't) Home on the Range (Echo Mine Reprise)
  6. Wherever the Trail May Lead - Tim McGraw
  7. Anytime You Need a Friend
  8. Cows in Town/Saloon Song [Score]
  9. On the Farm [Score]
  10. Bad News [Score]
  11. Storm and the Aftermath [Score]
  12. Cows to the Rescue [Score]
  13. Buck [Score]
  14. My Farm Is Saved/Little Patch of Heaven (Finale) [Score]
  15. Anytime You Need a Friend - Alan Menken

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Song List:
  1. The Bells Of Notre Dame
  2. Out There
  3. Topsy Turvy
  4. Humiliation (score)
  5. God Help The Outcasts
  6. The Bell Tower
  7. Heaven's Light / Hellfire
  8. A Guy Like You
  9. Paris Burning (score)
  10. The Court Of Miracles
  11. Sanctuary (score)
  12. And He Shall Smite The Wicked (score)
  13. Into The sunlight (score)
  14. The Bells Of Notre Dame (reprise)
  15. Someday - Performed by All 4 One
  16. God Help The Outcasts - Performed by Bette Midler

The Incredibles
A musical masterpiece that captures all the adventure, drama and excitement of the film. Michael Giacchino, renowned composer of the Medal of Honor series and TV's Alias composed the original score. The soundtrack features 19 memorable tracks from the film.

Song List:
  1. The Glory Days
  2. Mr. Huph Will See You Now
  3. Adventure Calling
  4. Bob Vs. The Omnidroid
  5. Lava In The Afternoon
  6. Life's Incredible Again
  7. Off To Work
  8. New & Improved
  9. Kronos Unveiled
  10. Marital Rescue
  11. Missle Lock
  12. Lithe Or Death
  13. 100 Mile Dash
  14. A Whole Family Of Supers
  15. Escaping Nomanisan
  16. Road Trip!
  17. Saving Metroville
  18. The New Babysitter
  19. The Incredits

Jungle Book
At the height of Beatlemania, the Disney folks were teaching kids how to really swing with this soundtrack to their adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Of course, it's Phil Harris (the voice of everyone's favorite hipster bear Baloo) who steals the show with the original slacker anthem, "The Bare Necessities," but his scat match with an inspired Louis Prima on "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" is also not to be missed. Songwriters Richard and Robert Sherman--who clearly enjoyed playing the irony card on songs like "Trust in Me (The Python's Song)" and "That's What Friends Are For" (The Vulture Song)"--offer entertaining reminiscences about the project in a 12-minute bonus track. George Bruns's wonderful underscore, a couple early song demos, and two post-soundtrack Baloo numbers round out a collection that suggests, in the most charming way imaginable, that it really is a jungle out there.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Overture
  2. Baby
  3. Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song)
  4. The Bare Necessities
  5. I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
  6. Monkey Chase
  7. Tell Him
  8. Colonel Hathi's March (Reprise)
  9. Jungle Beat
  10. Trust in Me (The Python's Song)
  11. What'cha Wanna Do
  12. That's What Friends Are For (The Vulture Song)
  13. Tiger Fight
  14. Poor Bear
  15. My Own Home (The Jungle Book Theme)
  16. The Bare Necessities (Reprise)
  17. Interview with the Sherman Brothers
  18. Baloo's Blues
  19. It's A Kick
  20. Brothers All (Demo Recording)
  21. The Song of the Seeonee (Demo Recording)

Jungle Book 2

Song List:
  1. Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song) {The Jungle Book 2} - Smash Mouth
  2. Jungle Rhythm - Mae Whitman
  3. W-I-L-D - John Goodman
  4. Bare Necessities - John Goodman
  5. I've Got You Beat
  6. Right Where I Belong - Windy Wagner
  7. Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song) {The Jungle Book} - Disney Studio Chorus
  8. Braver - Windy Wagner
  9. Queen of the Jungle
  10. He's a Lucky, Lucky Snake - Helen Darling
  11. Elephant's Face - Craig Toungate
  12. Never Smile at a Crocodile - Joe York

Lady and the Tramp
This early '50s Disney classic had it all: class confrontation (purebred meets mutt), memorable songs (by Sonny Burke and Peggy Lee), and an unusually truthful view of household creatures (dogs are good, cats are bad). "The Siamese Cat Song" shimmers with the mock Orientalism of classic Exotica--enhanced by Lee's double-tracked evocation of barely domesticated evil. Producer Randy Thornton deserves credit for piecing together Oliver Wallace's myriad cues into a reasonably cohesive musical work, but the handful of Peggy Lee tracks are the real treasure. Whether fronting a choir of howling dogs on "He's a Tramp" or employing that oddly dispassionate "Is That All There Is" voice on "What Is a Baby," it's Lee who, a half century later, still commands the spotlight.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Main Title (Bella Notte) / The Wag of a Dog's Tail
  2. Peace on Earth
  3. It Has a Ribbon / Lady to Bed / A Few Mornings Later
  4. Sunday / The Rat / Morning Paper
  5. A New Collar / Jock & Trusty / It's Jim Dear
  6. What a Day! / Breakfast at Tony's
  7. Warning/Breakout / Sob Hill / A Wee Bairn
  8. Countdown to B-Day
  9. Baby's First Morning / What Is a Baby / La La La Lu
  10. Going Away / Aunt Sarah
  11. The Siamese Cat Song / What's Going on Down There
  12. The Muzzle / Wrong Side of the Tracks
  13. You Poor Kid / He's Not My Dog
  14. Through the Zoo / A Log Puller
  15. Footloose and Collar-Free / Belle Notte
  16. It's Morning / Ever Chase Chickens/Caught
  17. Home Sweet Home
  18. The Pound
  19. What a Dog / He's a Tramp
  20. In the Doghouse / The Rat Returns / Falsely Accused / We've Got to Stop That Wagon / Trusty's Sacrifice
  21. Watch the Birdie / Visitors
  22. Finale (Peace on Earth)

Lilo & Stitch
If you thought Stitch was a ball of fire, wait till you see your kids bobbing, bouncing, and breaking bad to this soundtrack. The kid/Elvis Presley connection is by now a known quantity (check out the many kid-specific compilations devoted to the King), and the songs selected here couldn't make better sense--"Stuck on You" sends 'em out on the living-room dance floor and serves as this shake-and-shimmy session's starter course; "Suspicious Minds" blows off its paranoia for packs of precocious lip-synchers; "Heartbreak Hotel" will have to adjust its check-out time; "Devil in Disguise"'s dips and swerves demand a full-tilt rock-out; and "Hound Dog" plants a seed of suspicion in your own mind: Was that song written for grown-ups? A couple of covers--Wynonna's throaty, work-you-up "Burning Love" and A*Teens' bubble-yummy "Can't Help Falling in Love"--keep the bobby-sox brigade cutting the carpet until a three-track slice of score returns us to a soundtrack state of mind. "Stitch to the Rescue," "You Can Never Belong," and "I'm Lost," from composer Alan Silvestri, race forward with snatches of danger, intrigue, and playfulness, stopping every so often for swells of hope and heavy-heartedness. But once Elvis leaves the building and Silvestri hits the lights, it's this record's two Hawaiian originals that hang back. Mark Keali'I Ho'omalu's "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" and "He Mele No Lilo" sway with the gentleness of a grass skirt, heaping on a classic hula vibe that'll chase off any remaining ants in the pants of pork-chopless, pelvis-swiveling Elvis pretenders.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu & Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus
  2. Stuck On You - Elvis Presley
  3. Burning Love - Wynonna
  4. Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
  5. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
  6. Devil In Disguise - Elvis Presley
  7. He Mele No Lilo - Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu & Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus
  8. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
  9. Can't Help Falling In Love - Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu & Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus
  10. Stitch To The Rescue
  11. You Can Never Belong
  12. I'm Lost

The Lion King

(2003 Special Edition)

1994 Original Version Also Available

Double Pack Also Available
(Contains Soundtrack to the Original Lion King PLUS the sequel Lion King II: Simba's Pride)
Elton John doesn't seem like a natural choice to write for a Disney musical, but he rose to the task on The Lion King, transcending his usual penchant for the softest of soft rock. Sir Elton's collaboration with Tim Rice (former writing partner of Andrew Lloyd Webber) helps connect the soundtrack to the theatrical lineage of all Disney musicals--so much so that, like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King was eventually adapted for Broadway. Undistinguished songs like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" are far outnumbered by stirring, stately tunes that lent the film so much of its sense of pageant and play.

Description from Amazon.com

Walt Disney Records proudly presents the original motion picture soundtrack to "The Lion King." This Walt Disney Pictures full-length animated feature includes five new songs by rock legend Elton John and Academy ® - and Grammy ® -winning lyricist Tim Rice, with underscore provided by noted composer Hans Zimmer. In addition to the film's five songs and Elton John's end-credit reprise of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," "The Lion King" soundtrack exclusively features solo versions of "Circle of Life" and "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" performed by Elton John -- eight songs for more than 50 minutes of music.

Set against the majestic backdrop of Africa, "The Lion King" is the coming-of-age tale of the young lion prince Simba and his heroic journey to claim his destined role as king of beasts. The soundtrack, embracing authentic African rhythms and contemporary musical influences, features African vocalists recorded in their homeland and enhances the storyline with powerful imagery and narrative storytelling.

Product Description from Manufacturer

Song List:
  1. Circle Of Life - Carmen Twillie
  2. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Rowan Atkinson
  3. Be Prepared - Cheech Marin
  4. Hakuna Matata - Ernie Sabella
  5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Ernie Sabella
  6. The Morning Report - Jef Bennett
  7. This Land - The Lion King: Special Edition
  8. To Die For - The Lion King: Special Edition
  9. Under The Stars (Instrumental) - The Lion King: Special Edition
  10. King Of Pride Rock - The Lion King: Special Edition
  11. Circle Of Life - Elton John
  12. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Elton John
  13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John
  14. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Remix) - Elton John

The Lion King 1 1/2
Song List:
  1. Grazing in the Grass
  2. Digga Tunnah Dance - Lebo M.
  3. That's All I Need - Nathan Lane
  4. Hakuna Matata - Nathan Lane
  5. Lion Sleeps Tonight - Lebo M.
  6. Jungle Boogie
  7. Timon's Traveling Theme - Lebo M.
  8. Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Lion King 2
All the power and majesty of The Lion King return in this final volume of The Lion King trilogy! Meet Kiara, Simba's headstrong daughter and heir to the Pride Lands. While on the prowl for adventure, she encounters the mischievous Kovu, a young member of the banished Outland Pride chosen to walk in Scar's paw prints. As they seek their proper places in the "Circle Of Life," Kiara and Kovu find that they may be the only hope for healing the rift between their prides

Description from Manufacturer

Song List:
  1. He Lives In You
  2. We Are One
  3. Updendi
  4. One of Us
  5. My Lullaby
  6. Love Will Find a Way
  7. Love

The Little Mermaid

Special Edition Double Pack Also Available
(Contains Soundtrack to the Original Little Mermaid PLUS the sequel Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea)
Before Broadway was Disneyfied and Times Square became a mall, the best Broadway musicals were being written for Disney animated features by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman. Their songs for The Little Mermaid created the mold from which their even more popular work (Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin) would be cast. Almost every tune in Mermaid has its (slightly inferior) counterpart in Beauty, for example. But there's no topping the Oscar-winning calypso show-stopper, "Under the Sea"--in which a Caribbean crab convinces you that "Darlin' it's better/Down where it's wetter." Other songs, just as delightful, are even more impressive in the context of the movie. The rapturous "Kiss the Girl" accompanies a scene in which, despite the whispered urgings of creatures all around, the romantic hero does not act on the title's advice! That's the kind of abstract dramatic (OK, comedic) conceit you'd expect from Harold Pinter rather than Disney. And the gruesomely hilarious "Les Poissons" gives us a fisheye view of a kitchen where the seafood chef is a sort of French Ed Gein--a sadistic murderer who brutally tortures and chops up his victims, then eats them! Who says Disney never did black comedy? "...I stuff you with bread/It won't hurt, 'cause you're dead/And you're certainly lucky you are...." Lyricist Ashman may not have been Cole Porter, but he was the next best thing.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List (Original Soundtrack Only):
  1. Fathoms Below
  2. Main Titles
  3. Fanfare
  4. Daughters Of Triton
  5. Part Of Your World
  6. Under The Sea
  7. Part Of Your World (Reprise)
  8. Poor Unfortunate Souls
  9. Les Poissons
  10. Kiss The Girl
  11. Fireworks
  12. Jig
  13. The Storm
  14. Destruction Of The Grotto
  15. Flotsam And Jetsam
  16. Tour Of The Kingdom
  17. Bedtime
  18. Wedding Announcement
  19. Eric To The Rescue
  20. Happy Ending

Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
Return to the Sea neatly picks up where the original Little Mermaid soundtrack left off. The opener, "Down to the Sea," is an uplifting anthem peppered with sweet-voiced musings from Ariel (Jodi Benson) about her aquatic hurdles and accomplishments. "Tip and Dash" is a feisty number by the title fish, transformed here into Titanic Tip and Daring Dash, who "dare dastards to put up their dukes" and warn barracudas that the duo's about to save the day. And "For a Moment," an affecting heart-warmer, is a mother-daughter duet about the grandness of the sea and what it means to be of the water. "For a moment," croons Ariel's daughter, Melody, gorgeously, "part of me is alive and at home in the sea/Life is cool as I'm asplash in the world's biggest pool." Her sole wish, though, is that her mother could watch her soar and shine. This record presents only one other original track, "Here on the Land and Sea," alongside four familiar favorites that fit comfortably with the mermaid theme. "Iko Iko," "Octopus's Garden," "Give a Little Love," and "Hot, Hot, Hot" are all performed by Samuel E. Wright (Little Mermaid's Sebastian), who deftly delivers each tune in his rich, island-reminiscent style. What's most enjoyable about this soundtrack is its brevity--it doesn't try too hard or reach too far, instead leaving listeners with a simple, pleasing reminder of the movie's uplifting message and clever, completely Disneyesque characters.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Down To The Sea - Jodi Benson/Rob Paulsen/Clancy Brown/Kay E. Kuter/Samuel E. Wright/Chorus
  2. Tip & Dash - Max Casella/Stephen Furst/Tara Charendoff
  3. Iko Iko
  4. Octopus's Garden
  5. For A Moment - Jodi Benson/Tara Charendoff
  6. Give A Little Love
  7. Hot, Hot, Hot
  8. Here On The Land And Sea (Finale) - Jodi Benson/Tara Charendoff/Samuel E. Wright

Mary Poppins (Special Edition Soundtrack)
Winner of five Oscars (including two for Richard and Robert Sherman's memorable slate of songs), Disney's 1964 adaptation of British author P.L. Travers' beloved children's tales melded live action, animation and music more successfully than any film before or since. Containing the most complete version of the Sherman Brothers' score and a wealth of previously unavailable behind-the-scenes treasures, this double-disc, 40th anniversary soundtrack edition becomes the ultimate musical tribute to the beloved family masterpiece. The Sherman's memorable songs are showcased here in a more comprehensive musical context than ever before; indeed, a number of the expanded or previously unreleased pieces of the Irwin Kostal-arranged underscore now included were truncated in editing the film itself. The generous bonus disc contains the set's greatest historical treasure: a 40+ minute pre-production story meeting between the Shermans, gag writer Don DaGradi and author Travers herself. Also included is a lengthy 1964 audio documentary featuring the Shermans and stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, an audio montage of the songwriting team reminiscing and playing their original demos for the project and an illustrated 40-page companion booklet containing a history of the project as well as complete song lyrics.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:

Disc 1:
  1. Buena Vista Fanfare
  2. Buena Vista Fanfare
  3. Overture
  4. One Man Band
  5. Sister Suffragette - Glynis Johns
  6. Life I Lead - Dave Tomlinson
  7. Perfect Nanny - Karen Dotrice
  8. Air Mail/Admiral Boom/The Not-So-Perfect Nannies/Mary Poppins Arrives
  9. Spoonful of Sugar - Julie Andrews
  10. Pavement Artist - Dick Van Dyke
  11. Jolly Holiday - Julie Andrews
  12. Jolly Holiday (Reprise) - Julie Andrews
  13. Penguin Dance - Irwin Kostal
  14. Carousel Horses
  15. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Julie Andrews
  16. Pavement Artist (Reprise) - Dick Van Dyke
  17. Stay Awake - Julie Andrews
  18. Trouble at Uncle Albert's
  19. I Love to Laugh - Julie Andrews
  20. British Bank (The Life I Lead) - Julie Andrews
  21. Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) - Julie Andrews
  22. Father's Footsteps
  23. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank - Dave Tomlinson
  24. Panic at the Bank
  25. Chim Chim Cher-Ee/March Over the Rooftops - Julie Andrews
  26. Step in Time - Dick Van Dyke
  27. Man Has Dreams (The Life I Lead/A Spoonful of Sugar) - Dave Tomlinson
  28. Mr. Banks Is Discharged
  29. Let's Go Fly a Kite - Dave Tomlinson
Disc 2:
  1. Cherry Tree Lane
  2. Mr. Banks Decided to Hire a Nanny Himself
  3. Children Write Their Own Advertisement
  4. Line of Applicants and Mary Poppins Arrives
  5. Notes on Mary Meeting the Banks
  6. Up to the Nursery
  7. Bert and the Talking Pictures
  8. Carousel Horse Ride to the Seashore
  9. Return Home
  10. Next Morning We Meet the Sweep
  11. Uncle Albert's
  12. Change in the Wind and an Adventure With Admiral Boom
  13. Bird Woman
  14. Mr. Banks and the Compass
  15. Compass Sequence: Timbuktu
  16. Compass Sequence: The Land of Sand
  17. Compass Sequence: Tea in China
  18. Compass Sequence: The North Pole
  19. Return Home
  20. Everyone Descends on Cherry Tree Lane
  21. Mary Departs
  22. Hollywood Spotlight Microphone - Julie Andrews
  23. Sherman Brothers Reminisce About Their Work on Mary Poppins - Robert B. Sherman

Mary Poppins
If not for all the other highlights of Walt Disney's incomparable pop cultural legacy, it would be tempting to call Mary Poppins his crowning achievement. Released just two years before his death, the innovative live-action/animation/musical hybrid became an instant classic. It was nominated for 13 Academy Awards and a winner of 5 (including Best Actress for Julie Andrews and Best Musical Score and Best Song Oscars for the brother team of Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman). It's no stretch to call the Mary Poppins score the Shermans' most memorable of their 40-plus-year association with Disney. Boasting at least three bona fide classics ("A Spoonful of Sugar"; the Gilbert and Sullivan-esque romp, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"; and Oscar winner, "Chim Chim Cher-ee") and at least as many other contenders, the Shermans' score held the technical tour de force together while giving it a sense of ageless wonder to match the powers of its titular magical nanny. This edition restores the previously abridged "Step in Time" sequence to its original length and offers a terrific 16-minute bonus track for collectors: the Sherman brothers' reminiscences about their work on the landmark film interspersed with four of their original song demos.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Overture
  2. Sister Suffragette
  3. The Life I Lead
  4. The Perfect Nanny
  5. A Spoonful of Sugar
  6. Pavement Artist (Chim Chim Cher-ee)
  7. Jolly Holiday
  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  9. Stay Awake
  10. I Love to Laugh
  11. A British Bank (The Life I Lead)
  12. Feed the Birds
  13. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
  14. Chim Chim Cher-ee
  15. Step in Time
  16. A Man Has Dreams (The life I Lead), (A Spoonful of Sugar)
  17. Let's Go Fly a Kite
  18. Interview with the Sherman Brothers

Monsters Inc.
Sandwiched between the opening and closing numbers of the Monsters, Inc. soundtrack is the sort of far-reaching score we've come to expect from Randy Newman. Up, down, and all around, we swerve through the standard Disney scramble: there's a danger's-near ditty, a tearjerker, a rally-the-troops energizer, a plucky peek-a-boo number, and, as befits the hit Disney/Pixar movie, a hefty chunk of liveliness. But to say this soundtrack is nothing special would be to shrug off a solid effort from a musical legend. How easy can it be, after all, to stir so many moods as effectively as Newman does? He proves again his knack for making musical genius seem pedestrian. Fans of the movie will like eyeballing Billy Crystal's Cyclops character, Mike Wazowski, the sidekick to John Goodman's lead monster, James P. Sullivan (a.k.a. Sulley), on liner notes that unfold to a full-color poster, and they'll also enjoy the end-title buddy tune "If I Didn't Have You," reminiscent of Toy Story's "You've Got a Friend in Me." It's first performed as a souped-up Crystal-Goodman duet, and as a CD closer, it becomes a pared-down piano song by the inimitable Newman.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. If I Didn't Have You - Billy Crystal
  2. Monsters Inc.
  3. School
  4. Walk to Work
  5. Sulley and Mike
  6. Randall Appears
  7. Enter the Heroes
  8. Scare Floor
  9. Oh, Celia!
  10. Boo's Adventures in Monstropolis
  11. Boo's Tired
  12. Putting Boo Back
  13. Boo Escapes
  14. Celia's Mad
  15. Boo Is a Cube
  16. Mike's in Trouble
  17. Scream Extractor
  18. Sulley Scares Boo
  19. Exile
  20. Randall's Attack
  21. Ride of the Doors
  22. Waternoose Is Waiting
  23. Boo's Going Home
  24. Kitty
  25. If I Didn't Have You - Randy Newman

Lea Salonga, best known as the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin, steals the show here as the title character in Disney's Mulan. The former star of Miss Saigon adds touching elements to the feature, especially on introspective numbers such as "Reflection." Unfortunately, the voice of Donny Osmond, relegated to anthems such as "I'll Make a Man Out of You" doesn't really enhance the story line, a saga set in ancient China. Jerry Goldsmith provides the Far East tinge to the score, almost reminiscent of early Les Baxter. While Mulan is a far cry from the memorable Beauty and the Beast, it is both funny and charming.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Honor to Us All - Beth Fowler
  2. Reflection - Lea Salonga
  3. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Donny Osmond
  4. Girl Worth Fighting For - Harvey Fierstein
  5. True to Your Heart [Single] - 98°
  6. Suite from Mulan
  7. Attack at the Wall [Score]
  8. Mulan's Decision [Score]
  9. Blossoms [Score]
  10. Huns Attack [Score]
  11. Burned-Out Village [Score]
  12. Reflection [Pop Version] - Christina Aguilera

Mulan II
Disney management has often been accused of sacrificing the long-term quality of its animated features for the short-term pay-off of direct-to-video sequels to its middling modern successes. But as this soundtrack-sequel to the studio's 1998 quasi-feminist Chinese folk-tale proves, the music of such ventures can often compare favorably with that of the original. This new collection's buoyant "(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls" is offered up in two versions: A more traditional stage musical take and an antic cover by Atomic Kitten that's pure teeny-bopping Disney Channel fodder. That's Harvey Fierstein lending his gravelly pipes to the equally spry redux of "A Girl Worth Fighting For," while the decidedly more angelic pipes of Kiwi teen soprano phenom Hayley Westenra grace the elegant "Here Beside Me" by Joel McNeely and Kate Light. Selections from McNeely's deft, emotionally understated orchestral score flesh out the collection.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Lesson Number One - M. Scott Mulane
  2. Main Title (Score)
  3. Like Other Girls
  4. Girl Woth Fighting For (Redux)
  5. Here Beside Me
  6. (I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls - Atomic Kitten
  7. Journey Begins (Score)
  8. In Love and in Trouble (Score)
  9. Attack (Score)
  10. Shang Lives! (Score)
  11. Here Beside Me [Instrumental]

Arguably one of the oddest films to emerge from the modern Disney Entertainment empire, this scrappy 1992 live-action musical tells the tale of a turn-of-the-last-century labor uprising among New York City's newsboys (or "Newsies")--an especially ironic topic given the Mouse House's own historical labor relations problems. It was also a valiant attempt to revive the glory days of the Hollywood musical, and Alan Menken (fresh from his triumphs Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid) serves up a rousing retro slate of songs (with lyrics by Jack Feldman) that both evoke the Ragtime-era story and bring a musical revivalist's fervor to the task of reanimating one of filmdom's most endangered genres; a throwback to be sure, but an energetic and infectious one.

Description from Amazon.com

Song List:
  1. Prologue
  2. Carrying the Banner
  3. Santa Fe
  4. My Lovey-Dovey Baby
  5. Fightin' Irish: Strike Action
  6. The World Will Know
  7. Escape from Snyder
  8. Seize the Day
  9. King of New York
  10. High Times, Hard Times
  11. Seize the Day (Chorale)
  12. Santa Fe (Reprise)
  13. Fooftop
  14. Once and for All
  15. The World Will Know (Preprise)
  16. Carrying the Banner (Finale)

Oliver & Company
Includes Songs by Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Huey Lewis, Bette Midler, and More!

Song List:
  1. Once Upon a Time in New York City - Huey Lewis
  2. Why Should I Worry? - Billy Joel
  3. Streets of Gold - Ruth Pointer
  4. Perfect Isn't Easy - Bette Midler
  5. Good Company - Myhanh Tran
  6. Sykes [Instrumental]
  7. Bedtime Story [Instrumental]
  8. Rescue [Instrumental]
  9. Pursuit Through the Subway [Instrumental]
  10. Buscando Guayaba
  11. End Title [Instrumental]

Peter Pan

Original CD Release Also Available

Song List:
  1. Main Title (The Second Star to the Right) / All This Has Happened Before
  2. Last Night in the Nursery
  3. On the Fooftop / What's a Kiss/Perturbed Pixie
  4. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! - Kathryn Beaumont
  5. Pirate's Life
  6. Blast That Peter Pan/A Pirate's Life (Reprise)
  7. Legend of the Croc / Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse/Follow Tinker
  8. Just When I Brought You a Mother / Banished
  9. Following the Leader
  10. Hide and Sneak / No Let 'Em Go
  11. Mermaid Lagoon/Bad Day at Skull Rock
  12. Plotting a Pixie's Plight
  13. What Made the Red Man Red / Tinknapped - Candy Candido
  14. Rumor Has It / Hangman's Tree
  15. Big Chief Flying Eagle / I Had a Mother Once
  16. Your Mother and Mine - Kathryn Beaumont
  17. Good-Bye Peter / Shanghaied
  18. Captain Hook Never Breaks a Promise / The Elegant Captain Hook/A Little S
  19. No Splash/Take That/I'm a Codfish! / Crocbait / The Hero of Never Land
  20. Home Again/Mermaids, Pirates, and Indians / Finale (You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!)
  21. Never Smile at a Crocodile [*]
  22. Boatswain's Song [Demo Recording]

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland
Song List:
  1. Do You Believe In Magic? - BBMak
  2. Main Title
  3. Second Star To The Right - Jonatha Brooke
  4. The Tale Of Pan
  5. I'll Try - Jonatha Brooke
  6. Jane Is Kidnapped
  7. A Childhood Lost
  8. Here We Go Another Plan
  9. Summoning The Octopus/Pan Saves Jane
  10. Flight Through Never Land
  11. So To Be One Of Us
  12. Meet The Lost Boys
  13. Now That You're One Of Us
  14. Longing For Home
  15. Hook And The Lost Boys
  16. Hook Deceives Jane
  17. Jane Finds The Treasure
  18. Pan Is Captured
  19. I'll Try (Reprsie)
  20. Jane Saves Tink And Pan
  21. Jane Can Fly
  22. Flying Home
  23. Reunion

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (Japanese Version)
Song List:
  • Do You Believe In Magic?
  • Main Title
  • Second Star To The Right
  • Tale Of Pan
  • I'll Try
  • Jane Is Kidnapped
  • Childhood Lost
  • Here We Go Another Plan
  • Summoning The Octopus
  • Flight Through Never Land
  • So To Be One Of Us
  • Meet The Lost Boys
  • Now That You're One Of Us
  • Longing For Home
  • Hook And The Lost Boys
  • Hook Deceives Jane
  • Jane Finds The Treasure
  • Pan Is Captured
  • I'll Try ( Reprise)
  • Jane Saves Tink And Pan
  • Jane Can Fly
  • Flying Home
  • Reunion
  • Japanese
  • Japanese
  • Japanese
  • Japanese
  • Japanese

  • Pete's Dragon
    Marrying animation to live action had been experimented with in the '30s and '40s, perfected in the '60s for Mary Poppins, and elevated to tour-de-force status on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but Disney's 1976 feature Pete's Dragon helped pioneer the use of the technique as feature-film vehicle. The song-score of Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn occasionally rises to the level of the Sherman brothers, their daunting predecessors at the studio, but it also graced one of the last of the old-school Disney musical films. Indeed, it's likely the most consistent element of a much-troubled production (its animation was originally intended for a brief segment at the end, then steadily expanded after the fact). Indeed, there's an almost schizophrenic sense of the traditional Disney musical ethos occasionally clashing with the changing musical mores of the late '70s. The mature, Helen Reddy-performed ballad "Candle on the Water" won a Best Song Oscar, but other tunes like "Passamashloddy" and "Boo Bop Bopbop (I Love You Too)" sometimes feel like they could have been outtakes from any six previous Disney musicals. But if the studio's impossibly sunny, marvelously crafted song ethos of its '40s-'60s prime is what you're after, you'll find a familiar friend here.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Main Title
    2. Candle on the Water - Helen Reddy
    3. I Saw a Dragon - Helen Reddy
    4. It's Not Easy - Sean Marshall
    5. Every Little Piece - Red Buttons
    6. That Happiest Home in These Hills - Jeff Conaway
    7. Brazzle Dazzle Day - Sean Marshall
    8. Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too) - Charlie Callas
    9. There's Room for Everyone - Sean Marshall
    10. Passamashloddy - Red Buttons
    11. Bill of Sale - Jeff Conaway
    12. Candle on the Water (Reprise) - Helen Reddy


    Original CD Release Also Available
    This 1940 soundtrack earns a spot on any essential-Disney list if only for the fact that it introduced "When You Wish upon a Star," sung by Cliff Edwards, whose voice has become ubiquitous in the 60 years Jiminy Cricket has been in movies and educational films as well as on TV shows. But Pinocchio is no one-hit wonder: the disc also boasts "I've Got No Strings," "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)," and an endearingly maudlin instrumental score.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. When You Wish Upon a Star
    2. Little Wooden Head
    3. Clock Sequence
    4. Kitten Theme
    5. Blue Fairy
    6. Give a Little Whistle
    7. Old Geppetto
    8. Off to School
    9. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)
    10. So Sorry
    11. I've Got No Strings
    12. Sinister Stromboli
    13. Sad Reunion
    14. Lesson in Lies
    15. Turn on the Old Music Box
    16. Coach to Pleasure Island
    17. Angry Cricket
    18. Transformation
    19. Message from the Blue Fairy
    20. To the Rescue
    21. Deep Ripples
    22. Desolation Theme
    23. Monstro Awakens
    24. Whale Chase
    25. Real Boy


    Song List:
    1. The Virginia Company - Chorus
    2. Ship At Sea (Instrumental)
    3. The Virginia Company (Reprise) - Mel Gibson & Chorus
    4. Steady As The Beating Drum (Main Title) - Chorus
    5. Steady As The Beating Drum (Reprise) - Jim Cummings
    6. Just Around The Riverbend - Judy Kuhn
    7. Grandmother Willow (Instrumental)
    8. Listen With Your Heart I - Linda Hunt/ Bobbi Page
    9. Mine, Mine, Mine - David Ogden Steirs/ Mel Gibson
    10. Listen With Your Heart II - Linda Hunt/ Bobbi Page
    11. Colors Of The Wind - Judy Kuhn
    12. Savages (Part 1) - David Ogden Steirs/ Jim Cummings
    13. Savages (Part 2) - Judy Kuhn,David Ogden Steirs,...
    14. I'll Never See Him Again (Instrumental)
    15. Pocahontas (Instrumental)
    16. Council Meeting (Instrumental)
    17. Percy's Bath (Instrumental)
    18. River's Edge (Instrumental)
    19. Skirmish (Instrumental)
    20. Getting Acquainted (Instrumental)
    21. Ratcliffe's Plan (Instrumental)
    22. Picking Corn (Instrumental)
    23. The Warriors Arrive (Instrumental)
    24. John Smith Sneaks Out (Instrumental)
    25. Execution (Instrumental)
    26. Farewell (Instrumental)
    27. Colors Of The Wind (End Title) - Vanessa Williams
    28. If I Never Knew You (End Title) - Jon Secada & Shanice

    As befits an American movie set in France, this score starts off by quoting the French national anthem; fortunately, Michael Giacchino quickly turns off the cliché tap and gets the fun started. The composer, best known for his work on Alias and Lost, shows he can do light and nimble--and elegant, too: not many animated/kiddie movies have scores that evoke vintage Henry Mancini ("Losing Control"). "Wall Rat" is a good example of Giacchino's MO: It begins with a slightly melancholy melody played on the cello; that thread soon gives way to flutes and piccolo violins, which of course evoke the scampering of little feet--and that's when the bongos come in. Actually, those delicious bongos pop up regularly, flavoring the jazzy feel of "Cast of Cooks" or the tango-style "Special Order." Even when Giacchino uses that universal signifier of all things Gallic, the accordion, he does it sparingly ("A New Deal," "Ratatouille Main Theme") and with flair. And of course, Giacchino throws everything but the proverbial kitchen sink in the sprawling "End Creditouilles." Note that this instrumental CD starts off with the quirky pop song "Le Festin" (the feast) by the wonderful French vocalist Camille.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Le Festin
    2. Welcome To Gusteau's
    3. 'This Is Me.'
    4. Granny Get Your Gun
    5. 100 Rat Dash
    6. Wall Rat
    7. Cast Of Cooks
    8. A Real Gourmet Kitchen
    9. Souped Up
    10. Is It Soup Yet?
    11. A New Deal
    12. Remy Drives a Linguini
    13. Colette Shows Him Le Ropes
    14. Special Order
    15. Kiss & Vinegar
    16. Losing Control
    17. Heist To See You
    18. The Paper Chase
    19. Remy's Revenge
    20. Abandoning Ship
    21. Dinner Rush
    22. Anyone Can Cook
    23. End Creditouilles
    24. Ratatouille Main Theme

    The Rescuers Down Under

    Song List:
    1. Main Title
    2. Answering Faloo's Call
    3. Cody's Flight
    4. Message Montage
    5. At the Restaurant
    6. Wilbur Takes Off
    7. McLeach Threatens
    8. Landing
    9. Bernard Almost Proposes
    10. Escape Attempt
    11. Frank's Out
    12. Cody Finds the Eggs
    13. Bernard the Hero
    14. End Credits
    15. Journey [from Original The Rescuers Soundtrack]
    16. Someone's Waiting for You [from Original The Rescuers Soundtrack]
    17. Tomorrow Is Another Day [from Original The Rescuers Soundtrack]

    Sleeping Beauty
    Two decades after releasing the world's first soundtrack recording with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney achieved another milestone by releasing Sleeping Beauty, the world's first stereo soundtrack album. Nominated for an Oscar in 1959, George Bruns's lilting orchestral score was adapted from the Tchaikovsky ballet and recorded in Germany, where the most state-of-the-art recording equipment could be found. (Disney spared no expense on the tale of Aurora and Maleficent--it cost a then-unheard-of $6 million to make the film.) Featuring Mary Costa's ethereal vocals on "Once upon a Dream" and "I Wonder," Sleeping Beauty's combination of songs and score set a standard that soundtrack releases would follow for decades to come.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Main Title / Once Upon a Dream / Prologue
    2. Hail to the Princess Aurora
    3. The Gifts of Beauty and Song/Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All
    4. The Burning of the Spinning Wheels / The Fairies Plan
    5. Maleficent's Frustration
    6. A Cottage in the Woods
    7. Do You Hear That? / I Wonder
    8. An Unusual Prince / Once Upon a Dream
    9. Magical House Cleaning / Blue or Pink
    10. A Secret Revealed
    11. Skumps (Drinking Song) / The Royal Argument
    12. Prince Phillip Arrives / How to Tell Stefan
    13. Aurora's Return / Maleficent's Evil Spell
    14. Poor Aurora / Sleeping Beauty
    15. Forbidden Mountain
    16. A Fairy Tale Come True
    17. Battle with the Forces of Evil
    18. Awakening
    19. Finale

    Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
    Disney's Snow White, the world's first animated musical feature (1937), is still a standard in the industry. Though 1930s recording technology was primitive by today's standards, the Disney music studios have always used the available technology to its fullest, and this recording still stands up. The mature but hauntingly childlike Adriana Caselotti as Snow White is a unique vocal presence, and the songs include "Whistle While You Work," "Heigh-Ho," and "Some Day My Prince Will Come." The score is nearly as great an accomplishment as the film itself.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Overture
    2. Magic Mirror
    3. I'm Wishing/One Song - Adriana Caselotti
    4. Queen Theme
    5. Far into the Forest
    6. Animal Friends/With a Smile and a Song - Adriana Caselotti
    7. Just Like a Doll's House
    8. Whistle While You Work - Adriana Caselotti
    9. Heigh-Ho - Dwarf Chorus
    10. Let's See What's Upstairs
    11. There's Trouble A-Brewin'
    12. It's a Girl
    13. Hooray! She Stays
    14. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (the Dwarfs' Washing Song) - Dwarf Chorus
    15. I've Been Tricked
    16. Dwarfs' Yodel Song (the Silly Song) - Dwarf Chorus
    17. Some Day My Prince Will Come - Adriana Caselotti
    18. Pleasant Dreams
    19. Special Sort of Death
    20. Why Grumpy, You Do Care
    21. Makin' Pies
    22. Have a Bite
    23. Chorale for Snow White
    24. Love's First Kiss (Finale)
    25. Music in Your Soup - Dwarf Chorus
    26. You're Never Too Old to Be Young - Dwarf Chorus

      Original CD Release Also Available

    If anyone belongs in the "Whatever Happened To?" category of a game show, it's Phil Collins. Back in the 1980s, Collins was everywhere, having retinkered Genesis into a smooth, hit-making machine and embarking on a solo career that redefined adult contemporary music. He's still been busy, but nowhere near the spotlight. His latest project has been writing five songs for Disney's animated Tarzan. "You' ll Be in My Heart"--presented here in two versions, one with actress Glenn Close--is exactly the sort of ersatz orchestrated power ballad you expect from this sentimental guy. A duet with 'N Sync in "Trashin' the Camp" (also issued in two versions) is Phil's concession to the kids. Producer Mark Mancina's instrumental score mixes the expectant ambient sounds of the jungle with the slowly unfolding sounds of daybreak and jungle rhythms (provided by Collins on drums) that denote inevitable conflict.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Two Worlds
    2. You'll Be In My Heart
    3. Son Of Man
    4. Trashin' The Camp
    5. Strangers Like Me
    6. Two Worlds Reprise
    7. Trashin' The Camp - Phil Collins/'N Sync
    8. You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins
    9. Two Worlds - Phil Collins
    10. A Wondrous Place
    11. Moves Like An Ape, Looks Like A Man
    12. The Gorillas
    13. One Family
    14. Two Worlds Finale

    Toy Story
    When Disney and Pixar were producing their computer-animation breakthrough Toy Story, a project whose R&D costs alone demanded a blockbuster payoff, the conventional wisdom would have been to turn the music-scoring chores over to the stable of writers who'd made the likes of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast such sound successes. Instead they wisely handed the task to one Randy Newman, a musician who'd built his reputation writing some of the most skewed and astringent pop songs in history. The result is a technological marvel with a very human heart. "You've Got a Friend in Me" and "Strange Things" offer delight to listeners of any age, while "I Will Go Sailing No More" sounds like a melancholy orphan from Little Criminals--even if it's only lamenting a goofy, marooned toy space ranger. Newman's instrumental score is by turns gleeful and heart-tugging--one of the richest musical scores of the genre.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. You've Got a Friend in Me
    2. Strange Things
    3. I Will Go Sailing No More
    4. Andy's Birthday [Instrumental]
    5. Soldier's Mission [Instrumental]
    6. Presents [Instrumental]
    7. Buzz [Instrumental]
    8. Sid [Instrumental]
    9. Woody and Buzz [Instrumental]
    10. Mutants [Instrumental]
    11. Woody's Gone [Instrumental]
    12. Big One [Instrumental]
    13. Hang Together [Instrumental]
    14. On the Move [Instrumental]
    15. Infinity and Beyond [Instrumental]
    16. You've Got a Friend in Me - Lyle Lovett

    Toy Story 2
    For those who loved Randy Newman's score to the first Toy Story (but maybe not the singer-songwriter's gruff voice), check out Toy Story 2. Here, we get a handful of memorable vocal numbers: Sarah McLachlan sings the breathy "When She Loved Me," Riders in the Sky give their retro-swing treatment to "Woody's Roundup," and Robert Goulet croons Toy Story's anthem "You've Got a Friend in Me." The soundtrack's orchestrations are pure Newman--sometimes sweeping, sometimes whimsical, and always fitting for this fantasy story of toys coming to life. Of course, the "You've Got a Friend in Me" theme keeps popping up in the instrumentals, as do Western-themed melodies. Nothing monumental here, but a fun soundtrack nonetheless.

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. Woody's Roundup - Riders in the Sky
    2. When She Loved Me - Sarah McLachlan
    3. You've Got a Friend in Me [Wheezy's Version] - Robert Goulet
    4. Zurg's Planet
    5. Wheezy and the Yard Sale
    6. Woody's Been Stolen
    7. Chicken Man
    8. Woody's Dream
    9. Jessie and the Roundup Gang
    10. Woody's a Star
    11. Let's Save Woody
    12. Off to the Museum
    13. Talk to Jessie
    14. Cleaner
    15. Al's Toy Barn
    16. Emperor Zurg Vs. Buzz
    17. Use Your Head
    18. Jessie's in Trouble
    19. Ride Like the Wind
    20. You've Got a Friend in Me [Instrumental Version] - Tom Scott

    The Three Musketeers
    Song List:
    1. All For One And One For All - Troubadour And Musketeer Chorus
    2. Love So Lovely - Troubadour And The 'Lovely' Chorus
    3. Petey's King Of France - Peg Leg Pete
    4. Secret Wings Of Love - Troubadour And Butterfly Chorus
    5. Chains Of Love - Goofy
    6. This Is The End - Troubadour And Chorus
    7. L' Opera - Modern Major General
    8. Three Is A Magic Number - Stevie Brock

    Treasure Planet
    Not exactly the most seamless adaptation ever attempted, this animated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic swashbuckler (now set in outer space, even if the "ships" appear inexplicably unchanged since the 18th century) at least benefited from Disney's always high production standards. Those factors also insure that James Newton Howard's orchestral score is serviceably effervescent and retro enough for the film's storytelling gambit--if still a long way from the heights of Korngold's triumphant, genre-defining music for The Sea Hawk and other Errol Flynn swashbucklers; call it Captain Blood-lite. The studio's marketing-driven desire to have it both ways has also awkwardly sandwiched in a couple otherwise pleasant John Rzeznik-penned modern rock tracks, "I'm Still Here," performed by the Goo Goo Dolls singer himself, and BBMak's slightly funkier take of "Always Know Where You Are."

    Description from Amazon.com

    Song List:
    1. I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) - John Rzeznik
    2. Always Know Where You Are - BBMak
    3. 12 Years Later
    4. To the Spaceport
    5. Rooftop
    6. Billy Bones
    7. The Map
    8. Silver
    9. The Launch
    10. Silver Comforts Jim
    11. Jim Chases Morph
    12. Ben
    13. Silver Bargains
    14. The Back Door
    15. The Portal
    16. Jim Saves The Crew
    17. Silver Leaves

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    Song List:
    1. Maroon Logo
    2. Maroon Cartoon
    3. Valiant and Valiant
    4. Weasels
    5. Hungarian Rhapsody [Dueling Pianos]
    6. Judge Doom
    7. Why Dont Do Yod Do Right?
    8. No Justice for Toons
    9. Merry-Go-Round Broke Down [Rogers Song]
    10. Jessicas Theme
    11. Toontown
    12. Eddie's Theme
    13. Gag Factory
    14. Will
    15. Smile Darn Ya Smile/That's All Folks!
    16. End Title

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